The NWC NOAA Employees Association (NEA) was suspended due to the lack of nominations for the offices of president, vice president, and secretary.

As a result of this suspension, all new financial activity by the NEA was frozen.

In turn, this suspension resulted in the following actions:

  1. No group donations will be made to local service organizations (e.g. Red Cross, United Way, etc.)

  2. No NWC Holiday Party planning or assistance from the NEA

  3. No further purchasing of flower/remembrances for NEA members and immediate families

  4. No NEA sponsoring building social activities (e.g. ice cream socials)

  5. No further sales of NEA merchandise from the NEA web page or at local workshops. The NEA webpage has already been updated to reflect this.

An updated and more detailed version of the NEA website will be posted if NEA activities resume in the future.